Study Abroad

The Big Adventure: Study Abroad at K

Everybody knows it: Study Abroad at K College is a signature element of what this institution offers. But did you know that K’s study abroad programs are, for the most part, owned and operated by K? While many colleges and universities provide opportunities for their students to experience a semester or two abroad, very few offer as many home-grown programs in as many places as K does. This means that you know your experience will be guided by experts, both in the Center for International Programs (CIP) and abroad, who will make sure that what you do abroad will be of high quality and will connect well with your education back here on campus.

Sophomores have a lot of key thinking to do about study abroad and/or domestic study away opportunities. Should I stay or should I go? Which programs would be the best for me? Should I plan on one, two or three quarters abroad? Are there certain programs that would be ideal for my intended major? Where can I get the information I need to make this big decision?

The CIP website has all the detailed information you need about the many programs, prerequisites, etc., for all the study abroad/away sites. It is designed to help you with planning for study abroad/away. It has important dates, such as those for info sessions and application deadlines, as well as other tips for things you should be thinking about during your sophomore year to prepare for study abroad.